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Our job as Club is to ensure the wave we love and protect.

Mundakako Surf Taldea (MST), to launch reconstruction in the Playa de Laida want to show their opposition to this action, he calls for its closure and urges the authorities to protect the Mundaka bar.
The project presents serious questions about its effectiveness and have not made the necessary studies to assess the potential impact on the Mundaka bar. From the MST we want to register our concern at the speed with which is being carried out this initiative, changing the published work plan and the lack of information on the environmental impact of this action:

Environmental impact. The lack of a prior environmental impact report suggests that they have not assessed the possible effects on the ecosystem of the estuary. In addition, it is an experimental action, of which the results and impact are unknown.

Work areas. Likewise, the initial work plan did not include sand mining in the area near the bend of the river, opposite the island of Txatxarramendi. This extraction, as evidenced in 2005, has a direct effect on the currents, the channel of the river and Bar Mundaka.

Safety distance. Official, Board meeting between Urdaibai, Coastal Authority, AZTI and Mundakako Surf Taldea was agreed that sand mining would not take place within 100 meters from the shore. Later, in public plans (attached) 50 meters away were established. The day when work began, extraction began less than 20 meters from the shore away.

Current status and effectiveness of the project: As it appears from the report by AZTI regarding the current situation of the beach, "timely retreat, very important during the years 2005-2007, the beach front is associated with the instability at the mouth fruit modifications suffered after dredging in 2003; and artificial feeding Laida beach with sandy material extracted ". The report itself does not guarantee the stability of the mobilized sand and has not assessed their impact on Mundaka Bar, technicians say that "the uncertainty of permanence in time even during the summer season itself is high".

Progress of work. Reconstruction work began on Monday, May 11. In public call, to media, the Board of Urdaibai announced that work would begin on May 15.
From the MST understand the need to improve access to the beach, the settlement of rockfill walls and railings to improve the safety of users and channeled the stream. All these actions favor the development of the area and kept in good condition Laida Beach.

Through this statement we want to make an appeal for work study Mundaka Bar are made and invested in its protection. From the MST we urge the authorities to initiate proceedings to declare Bar Mundaka as "Cultural Interest" or "Protected Natural Environment", according to the Law on Natural Heritage and Biodiversity.

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We encourage all concerned to sign this petition to protect, once and for all, the Mundaka bar.
We appreciate the outpouring of support we have received from the community of surfers from all over the world. Surfers and nature, to all of you: Thank you.

We will keep you abreast of new actions and calls.
Mundaka Surf Club

3 responses on “PRESS RELEASE

  1. peter kafer says:

    It seems there is NO Estaury Management Plan for this area of river.estuary. sea…..there should be tidal flow studies done and if done there should be comparisons utilised to assess sediment deposited in area and the impacts…. Also the affects of tidal flow on the shorelines…. Also STORM impacts should be utilised looking over a 5, 10,15,20,25,30,etc year period…looking for associated patterns regarding damage….tidal patterns..storm surge…then the HUMAN factor needs to be studied again over perhaps a 50 year period paying particular attention to any WORKS of attempted rehabilitation of all areas within the estuary…. There should also be studies on the long shore drift of sand sediments paying attention to prevailing currents….there is more…but a SERIOUS amount of STUDIES & modelling need to be done before allowing ENGINEERS to PLAY with a sensitive environment….

  2. Marty Stewart says:

    Why destroy a unique place in the world ???

    Dejalo a special and very popular beach with surf all over the world.

    Marty (Australiano)

  3. Loja says:

    These are the ideas of “lumbreras” estos que nos gobiernan, tenemos una olas de clase mundial y en vez de cuidarla la joden, una ola que da dinero y trabajo al pueblo de mundaka y la destruyen, un lugar guapísimo y se lo cargan. Y todo para el disfrute y/o negocio de 4 hijos de put4. O salimos a defender lo nuestro o nos dan por el cul0 como siempre… If you want sand go to the desert for her.

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