We get people of all ages as long as they can swim and want to have a great time learning to surf or improving. Children under 8 must always be accompanied by an adult who is made responsible. Our instructors will teach you from the basic to the most radical maneuvers principles. Fully aware of the Mundaka wave and currents and tides because here you can surf all year (including winter).

Our lessons are limited to 5 persons per monitor To garantee optimal and secure learning.. All our students learn to stand up at the end of 5-day course and even some on the first day.

  • We offer: the material and the desire to teach.
  • We achieve: smile and joy of our students that keep the memories of this experience alive.
  • You will receive: good advice, extensive knowledge, a small surf manual and you could use our changing rooms and take a shower after class.
  • Where are the courses held? The introductory courses are in the area of ​​Laida across the channel and preferably low tide.
  • Why sign up with us? Because we are the surf club of Mundaka. We are the first, authentic, original. For what you pay reverts surfing activities taking place in the club and in the development of the sport of surfing in Mundaka.
  • How do I enroll? Below you will find the address, phone number, and email.
  • How much? The table below shows the price per student.

Contact Surf courses call from 10:00 to 20:00


  • 34 691 968 572