Solidarity act

More than 400 dead in 40 days so far this year. a figure

shattering that has led people linked to the sea and water from different

sports disciplines, to take part in the charity event "UR BASQUE PEOPLE. From

Bizkaia the Aegean ". The event will take place on Saturday 20 February at 11: 00h on the beach

Plentzia. To participate you must sign up for e-mail

colaboro.smh@gmail.com and make a donation of 10 € to the account of Laboral Kutxa ES92

3035 0235 22 2350038982. All profits will go to the Rescue Association

Humanitarian Maritime.

It is a call to people who are related to water. Open water swimming,

in swimming, water polo, synchronized swimming, canoeing, kayaking, surfing, surf, paipo,

longboard, bodyboard, stand up paddle, triathletes ... There are two modes: swim across

400 meters and circuit boards, kayaks or canoes 1,250 meters.

People who do not wish to participate and collaborate, they can make income in that account.

One of the mandatory requirements to take part in the charity event is to use suit

neoprene. Registration can also be made the day of the meeting in

soportales Plentzia beach. It is recommended to reach between 10 and 10.30am.

The initiative comes from a group of related persons to different sports

water, with the aim of helping people who risk their lives crossing the Aegean

to reach Greece. One way in which adults and children leave behind their world

war to try to make a new life. A life that in many cases do not reach.

Humanitarian Maritime Rescue (SMH) acts in Chios, where every day they get out

a port about 350 people, approximately 10% of all refugees coming to

Europe daily.

In SMH all volunteer, no charges, and all are professionals, since the aid

lends is in the water and technical skills are required. The distance between Turkey and

Greece is very short, 6 kilometers, and if all goes well is half-hour drive, but if the

engine breaks down, the winds drag boats and just offshore. another

the terrible issues that occur at this juncture is that travel is cheaper if

bad weather, with the risk that entails. If you normally costs 1,000 euros,

when there is a storm costs 400.

Seafarers, water

Seafarers, people want to help water Bizkaia doing what we know.

This act is a call to people who in one way or another are related to the

Water. Open water swimming, in swimming, water polo, synchronized swimming, canoeing,

surf kayaking, surfing, paipo, longboard, bodyboard, stand up paddle, each of triathletes ...

our strokes can save a life on Saturday 20 February.

BASQUE PEOPLE UR is held under the sponsorship of Laboral Kutxa and support

Municipalities of Gorliz and Plentzia, without whose help it would not have been possible. A work in

organized team with the collaboration of Goazen UP Agency

DOUBLE Marmoka Films and Plastik.

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