Declaration of Mundaka. Edu Araujo. 2005.


Edu Araujo. 2005.

“We, men and women of the XXI century Basque inhabitants of Planet Ocean,
heirs of a relationship that began with our ancestors Sea and
that lasts millennia, meeting today in MUNDAKA solemnly declare:

– You, MAR, constituyes essential part of our culture and way of life and
We are determined that you keep part of it in the future. For the
link established our parents and grandparents with you and that was bequeathed,
it is part of the legacy we leave our children.

– We respect your being, your physical and your soul. Your immensities and each of your
corners. What you amuses us and what he is capable of killing us. Your landscapes
calm and your most terrible creatures. What you know and mysteries
You hide in your depths.

– We are fed up protection laws that are not fulfilled, mafias and
miserable destroying you to get short-term benefits, the
overexploitation of your resources, excuses and false pretenses under the
day by day which hurts irremediable and inexorably, on the Basque Coast and
the most remote Pacific atoll.
We are tired of those who do not know you or understand you or respect you. Do not
we resign ourselves to passively watch as greed, incompetence and
unconcern just you. Because we have learned that you can not
explain the past without you and that our future is tied to your survival. Life
He was born in your womb and no life without you.
Therefore, standing before you, we promise:

– Committing to your defense in our daily lives. Avoiding as far
our chances any conduct that harms you, spreading a culture of
respect for you and nature and participating in the protection of each and every
of your creatures and the environment in which they live.

– Denounce the actions or omissions that harm you, demanding compliance
strict protection laws and mechanisms established to measure
ecological impacts of human actions on your environment. Besides requiring the
development of new and more advanced legislation, stricter controls for
enforcement and tougher penalties for those who mistreat you. To end
deaf ears and accomplices pockets.

– Promote use of your resources that far from empty declarations,
truly secure the future: yours and ours. For the people that
the world have you lived and you can continue to do so for many
generations. We solidarizaremos with the causes undertake your defense
other seafaring cultures, like ours, are threatened forms of
relate to you: you get food for your body or happiness for


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